The EWG-DSS has currently over 300 registered members coming from various nationalities. The registered members database is kept in the IRIT server, managed by Pascale Zaraté. A complete list including names and e-mails of all members is available on request. Contact us!

The are also over 310 members within the EWG-DSS LinkedIn-Group, some of which are also among the official registered members of the group.

If you wish to join this group, send us an e-mail message to or leave us a message here, using the form below with the information requested (Name, affiliation, Research Area, Mailing Address, Phone Nr, Homepage). We will contact you back with your membership confirmation.

The EWG-DSS membership is free of charge.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Membership Request Form:


If you are already a member of the EWG-DSS group, you can also check the updated mailing-list of the members, that can be automatically dumped from the group’s server.  How to do it? Go to the IRIT List-Server and select the EWG-DSS Mailing List.  After you log in, you can see the complete list of members and update your data in it.

As a member, if you wish to include the link of your professional web-page in the “Members Wed-Links” box of this blog, just write a comment to us here already indicating your homepage link.

The Graphs below show the growth of the EWG-DSS Membership over the years:

EWG-DSS Members 1990-2015

EWG-DSS Members 1990-2015

EWG-DSS Members 1990-2015

EWG-DSS Members 1990-2015



14 Responses to Members

  1. Marco Marto says:

    An excellent conference in Plymouth these days!

  2. Andrea Di Maria says:

    My name is Andrea and I’m a future PhD student. I’m writing my PhD project on Decision Support System applied to Wastewater treatment Plant. I’m currently looking for a co-supervisor for my PhD, so i would like to know which are the university and the groups in Europe (or elsewhere) that have already worked in this field (DSS applied to wastewater). I couldn’t find much in scientific literature, do you have any suggestion?

    Many thanks!

    • ewgdss says:

      Dear Andrea,
      Thanks for contacting us.
      You will receive per Email from us some information about your request.
      Best Regards,
      The EWG-DSS Coordinators.

  3. Dear EWG-DSS,
    I’m Gennady Fedulov,
    if I understood you correctly, you are not interested
    to join me to your Croup. If it is truth, then you remove me.

    Thank you very much

    • ewgdss says:

      Dear Gennady Fedulov,
      Thanks for your interest in joining the EWG-DSS group.
      We will include your name and email address in the group’s database and you will soon be receiving more news from us via our mailing list.
      Best regards,
      The EWG-DSS Coordination Board

  4. Dear EWG-DSS,
    I’m Gennady Fedulov, I would like to join your Group.
    Please, look at my site “Bin Packing Online Tool” on the link
    This site is my contribution to join your Group.

    Thank you very much

    • ewgdss says:

      Thanks for your interest in joining the EWG-DSS group.
      We will update our Members-Database with your data.

      You may also consider joining our EWG-DSS LinkedIn Group.
      The main objective of the Linked-In Group is to provide another means to keep the members of the EURO Working Group on Decision Support Systems working together. We, the EWG-DSS Coordination Board members, encourage the interest and cooperation of all researchers, who join this EWG-DSS Group in LinkedIn! This platform for sure helps us to better interact, as well as to have a better reach of our academic production within the various fields around Decision Support.

      Best regards,
      The EWG-DSS Coordinators

  5. Giovanni King says:

    Hi, My Name is Giovanni King. I’m a Doctoral student at University of Phoenix. I’m interested in Collaborative DSS. I’m looking into this topics as a tool to allow or facilitate collaboration between telecommunications regulators in the Caribbean. Building a Knowledge reprository facilitate decision making.

  6. J. (Fjalar) de Haan says:

    I would like to become a member.


    • ewgdss says:

      Dear J. de Haan,

      Thanks for your interest in the EWG-DSS group.
      Please inform us about your affiliation (department, etc), research area, mailing address and homepage.

      Best regards,
      The EWG-DSS Coordination Board

  7. Mahmoud Abdelrahman says:

    I am PhD student in Manchester Business School, and I am intersted in Knowledge Management and Decision Making and I would like to be a member in he EWG-DSS group.

    Thank You
    Mahmoud 🙂

    • ewgdss says:

      Dear Mahomoud Abdelrahman,
      Thanks for your interest in our group. You will be contacted soon via e-mail, confirming your inclusion in the EWG-DSS group.
      Best Regards,
      The EWG-DSS Coordination Board

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