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Social Media and Interaction Platforms of the EURO Working Group on Decision Support Systems

This EWG-DSS blog, the EWG-DSS group in LinkedIn, as well as the EWG-DSS – Twitter account enforce the main goal of the EWG-DSS Coordination-Board of innovating the interaction approach among all group members, so that we can dynamically and  effectively work together. Those environments serve as platforms for all of us to have a better reach of our academic production, within the various fields around Decision Support.

We encourage the interest and cooperation of all DSS-related researchers to participate in this blog, as well as in all EWG-DSS social media channels, by also joining the EWG-DSS Group in LinkedIn, and following the EWG-DSS in Twitter.

Apart from the EWG-DSS Blog/Homepage, LinkedIn Group and Twitter Account, other important web-links of our working group are: the EWG-DSS page at EURO Homepage; the EWG-DSS Repository & Mailing List manager hosted at the IRIT Server; the EWG-DSS Prezi account for web-presentations; and the EWG-DSS Slideshare account  with all available slides of ppt and pdf presenttions, as well as with all digital EWG-DSS Newsletters.

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