EWG-DSS Online

Interaction Platforms of the EURO Working Group on Decision Support Systems

The creation of this EWG-DSS blog, as well as the creation of the EWG-DSS group in LinkedIn and EWG-DSS – Twitter goes towards the Group-Coordination-Board’s main goals of providing new ways to keep us working together, as well as of innovating our interaction approaches.

Within those social media channels, we encourage the interest and cooperation of all researchers to participate in this blog and to join the EWG-DSS Group in LinkedIn, as well as to follow us in Twitter. These environments serve as platforms for all of us, members of the group, to better interact as well as have a better reach of our academic production within the various fields around Decision Support.

Apart from the EWG-DSS Blog/Homepage, LinkedIn Group and Twitter Account, other important web-links are: the EWG-DSS page at EURO Homepage; the EWG-DSS Repository & Mailing List manager hosted at the IRIT Server; the EWG-DSS Prezi account for web-presentations; and the EWG-DSS Slideshare account  with all available slides of ppt and pdf presenttions, as well as with all digital EWG-DSS Newsletters.

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