Since 2007 the EWG-DSS has been managed by a Coordination Board. One of the aims of this coordination board is to promote joint-work among the group members and to encourage more participation of the whole group in DSS related projects and events, the best way possible.

Current EWG-DSS Coordination Board:

1527248984393Photo taken in Crete, Greece, during the ICDSST 2018. Boris Delibasic, Jason Papathanasiou, Isabelle Linden,
Pavlos Delias, Pascale Zaraté, Shaofeng Liu and Fátima Dargam.
Prof. Shaofeng Liu
University of Plymouth, UK
Prof. Boris Delibasic
University of Belgrade, Serbia
Prof. Isabelle Linden
University of Namur, Belgium
Dr. Jason Papathanasiou
University of Macedonia,Thessaloniki, Greece
E-Mails: & 
Dr. Pavlos Delias
Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Institute of Technology, Greece
Ana Paula Cabral Seixas Costa
Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brasil

EWG-DSS Coordination Board Members – Homepages:
Pascale Zaraté – Web-page:
Fátima Dargam – Web-page:
Boris Delibasic – Web-page:
Shaofeng Liu – Web-page:
Isabelle Linden  – Web-page:
Jason Papathanasiou – Web-page:
Pavlos Delias – Web-page:
Ana Paula Cabral Seixas Costa – Web-page:

EWG-DSS Management Structure:

Since May 2015, the EWG-DSS has updated its Management Structure in order to incorporate to the Coordination Board (CB) an Advisory Board (AB), which is composed of senior members of the EWG-DSS group and of the international DSS community. The new group structure also distinguishes different teams, namely: the Scientific Collaboration Team (SCT) and the Editorial Team (ET), among the EWG-DSS Members who collaborate with EWG-DSS projects and joint–Editions, respectively. The figures below illustrate the current EWG-DSS Management Structure:EWG-DSS CB New Structure - Picture 2

EWG-DSS CB New Structure

The Board of Assistants (BA) is formed by young researchers linked to the Coordination Board (CB) and Executive Board (EB) members, in order to assist them with the EWG-DSS annual tasks. Board and Team members can be in more than one of the groups of the EWG-DSS new defined Management Structure. However, the members of the Coordination Board are not supposed to be members of the Advisory Board and vice-versa.

The EWG-DSS Editorial Team (ET) is a dynamic group of  researchers composed of EWG-DSS Members that have guest-edited Journal Special Issues and Springer Books with the EWG-DSS CB. The Scientific Collaboration Team (SCT) includes the researchers who are involved with EWG-DSS research projects and initiatives, like for instance the Collab-Net Project.

Current EWG-DSS Advisory Board (AB):

Prof. Rita Ribeiro
UNINOVA University, Lisbon, Portugal


Ph.D.Fátima Dargam
SimTech Simulation Technology
Prof. Pascale Zaraté
Toulouse University – IRIT – TMBI
Prof. José Maria Moreno
University of Zaragoza, Spain
Prof. Alexis Tsoukias
Prof. Marko Bohanec
Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia
Dr. Jorge Hernández
University of Liverpool, UK
Prof. Philip Powell
Birkbeck, Univ. of London, UK
Prof. D. Marc Kilgour
Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada
Prof. Jorge Freire de Sousa
University of Porto, Portugal
Prof. Adiel Teixeira de Almeida
Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil

EWG-DSS Board of Assistants (BA):

EWG-DSS BAPhoto taken in Crete, Greece, during the ICDSST 2018. Daouda Kamissoko, Uchitha Jayawickrama,
Sandro Radovanovic, and Pangiota (Giota) Digkoglou. (Femi) Oluwafemi Oyemomi is missing in the picture.
Dr. Daouda Kamissoko
Ecoles des Mines d’Albi Carmaux
Albi, Midi-Pyrénées, France
Dr. Oluwafemi Oyemomi
Northumbria University, UK
Mr Sandro Radovanovic
University of Belgrade, Serbia
Ms. Pangiota (Giota) Digkoglou
University of Macedonia, Greece
Dr. Uchitha Jayawickrama
Loughborough University, UK

Past EWG-DSS Coordination Teams:

In the period of June 2007 to January 2011 the EWG-DSS Coordination Board was composed by 3 founding members of the group: Pascale Zaraté, Fatima Dargam and Rita Ribeiro (see photo below). In the period before 2007, the EWG-DSS was always managed by one Coordinator, co-founder of the group in 1989.

EWG-DSS Coordination Board (since 2007) - It´s good fun to work together!Fátima Dargam, Rita Ribeiro, Pascale Zaraté. Photo taken in Graz in 2005.

From 2011 to 2013, the EWG-DSS Coordination Board doubled in number of members. Besides the old coordinators, the EWG-DSS counted with the assistance of 3 new Board Members (Jorge Hernández; Boris Delibasic and Shaofeng Liu) to better administrate the activities of the group, as well as to bring new ideas to it.

New Board Members 2011Boris Delibasic, Shaofeng Liu, Rita Ribeiro, Pascale Zaraté,
Fátima Dargam and Jorge Hernández. Photo taken in London in 2011.

From Jan. 2014 to May 2015, the EWG-DSS Coordination Board added 2 more members (Isabelle Linden and Jason Papathanasiou) and was composed of 8 coordinators.

New Coodination Board 2013Shaofeng Liu, Rita Ribeiro, Jorge Hernández, Pascale Zaraté, Fátima Dargam, Boris Delibasic,
Isabelle Linden and Jason Papathanasiou.  Photo taken in Thessaloniki, Greece, in 2013.

Since May 2015, the EWG-DSS Coordination Board has changed its Management Structure incorporating also an Advisory Board (AB), and two different teams, among the EWG-DSS Members who collaborates with EWG-DSS joint–Editions.

From May 2015 to September 2017, some changes were implemented in the EWG-DSS Coordination Board, which was then composed of 7 members, as shown in the picture below.

Coordination Board - May 2015 (2)Boris Delibasic, Isabelle Linden, Rita Ribeiro, Fátima Dargam, Shaofeng Liu,
Pascale Zaraté and Jason Papathanasiou.  Photo taken in Belgrade,Serbia, in 2015.

Since September 2017, the EWG-DSS has been coordinated by the 7 members-board (Pavlos Delias, Boris Delibasic, Jason Papathanasiou, Isabelle Linden, Pascale Zaraté, Shaofeng Liu and Fátima Dargam), as shown in the 1st picture of this page.