Newsletter EWG-DSS 2016-2017

The EWG-DSS Newsletter Nr-15 is already available online in our blog.
As usual, the EWG-DSS Newsletter Nr.15 includes the summary of our group‘s activities in the period of 2016-2017, announcements from group members, publications reviews and upcoming events. Check it out!

Newsletter EWG-DSS Nr.15 – Year 2016/2017
Jason Papathanasiou; Fatima Dargam; Shaofeng Liu; Boris Delibasic; Isabelle Linden; Pascale Zaraté; Rita Ribeiro. Communications of the Association of European Operational Research Societies – EURO Working Group on Decision Support Systems, Nr.15 – Year 2016/2017, IRIT, Université Paul Sabatier Report (Rapport de recherché) IRIT/RR–2017—___-FR, IRIT, ____ 2017.

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