ICDSST 2017: Feedback

Dear EWG-DSS Members, Dear Colleagues,

The ICDSST 2017 in Namur, organized by Isabelle Linden was a great success!

We wish to take this opportunity to thank again Isabelle and all her Team from the University of Namur for the warm and very  pleasant hosting of our ICDSST conference in their lovely city!

A few highlights from the conference in pictures for you below.
More photos about the conference shall be available in due course on the conference website: www.icdsst2017.wordpress.com.

DBJFn2KXcAATMj0.jpg large

We had the honor to have Jean-Pierre Brans, the “Papa” of the EWG-DSS, giving a keynot about Ethics and Decision Making. It was a great pleasure for all of us to have him there!


Above we see some shots of the Invited Speakers and Coordination Board Members’ talks. Check the link here for more detail about the programme.

Below we see some of the participants of the ICDSST 2017, during the walking tour around Namur.

ICDSST2017 group

The selected authors of short papers will soon be contacted by the EWG-DSS coordination, to be candidates for the Special Issues publications.

Check about the Special Issues on the publications page of the Conference Website: https://icdsst2017.wordpress.com/publications/

With best regards,
The EWG-DSS Coordination Board


EWG-DSS Email: ewg-dss@fccdp.com


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