DSS Session at GDN-2015

 Header - EWG-DSS Session - GDN2015

EWG-DSS Session on “Decision Support Systems”
Stream: Preference Analysis and Decision Support in Negotiations and Group Decisions

Deadlines for Submissions:
Full Papers: January 3rd, 2015 (Extended!)
Short Papers: February 1st, 2015

Call for Papers (Pdf File)

The 2015 Group Decision and Negotiation International Conference will take place at the Warsaw School of Economics, in June 22-26, 2015. This is the 15th conference organized by the INFORMS Section on Group Decision and Negotiation. More details about the Conference and the venue can be found in the Conference Homepage: gdn2015@sgh.waw.pl. In the GDN2015 Conference, the EWG-DSS organizes a Decision Support Systems Session in the PADSING Stream of Preference Analysis and Decision Support in Negotiations and Group Decisions, to which researchers, practitioners, as well as students working in the areas of decision making, analysis and decision support are invited to participate and to submit their work.

The PADSING Stream Topics of Interest include: Formalizing group decision and negotiation problems; Designing and evaluating negotiation templates; Methodological issues of preference analysis; Handling the imprecise and vague preference information; Group decision support based on partial information; Application of MCDM methods for negotiation and group decision support; Game-theoretic symmetric and asymmetric analysis of the negotiation; Methods and models for mediation and arbitration; Experimental studies on use and usefulness of decision support in negotiation and group decision making; Experimental studies on decision makers’ cognitive capabilities; Formal models of negotiation and group decision making support; Empirical applications of formal decision support tools in facilitating real-world negotiations and group decisions; Preference learning and modification; and Preference aggregation of decision makers versus knowledge aggregation of experts; among others.

The DSS Session within the PADSING Stream will select papers on the main topics of interest of this stream, with emphasis on DSS Applications & Adequate Methodologies for Negotiation and Group Decision Making.

Contributions: Authors are requested to submit either full papers (max. 12 pages), following the instructions of Springer LNBIP Book seriesExtended Deadline for full papers: 03.01.2015; or Short papers (between 4 and 8 pages) using the this format. Deadline for short papers: 01.02.2015. All papers should be submitted via EasyChair using the link: http://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=gdn2015 . Within EasyChair, authors need to select the Stream “Preference Analysis and Decision Support in Negotiations and Group Decisions”.

Contributors of the EWG-DSS DSS Session are kindly requested to keep the organizers informed about their submissions by sending to the e-mail (ewg-dss@fccdp.com) a copy of the submitted papers. Thanks!

Authors of the work presented in the DSS Session of the GDN2015-PADSING_Stream will be candidates for the EWG-DSS 2015-Award, whenever applicable. We thank you for your submissions to the EWG-DSS Session!

Best regards,
The EWG-DSS Coordination Board Members

EWG-DSS E-mail: ewg-dss@fccdp.com
  EWG-DSS Coordinators (https://ewgdss.wordpress.com/):
Pascale Zaraté             IRIT / Toulouse University , France
Fátima Dargam            ILTC, SimTech Simulation Technology / Austria
Rita Ribeiro                  UNINOVA – CA3, Portugal
Jorge Hernández          University of Liverpool, UK
Boris Delibasic             University of Belgrade, Serbia
Shaofeng Liu                University of Plymouth, UK
Isabelle Linden             University of Namur, Belgium
Jason Papathanasiou    University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece

About ewgdss

The EWG-DSS is a Working Group on Decision Support Systems within EURO, the Association of the European Operational Research Societies. The main purpose of the EWG-DSS is to establish a platform for encouraging state-of-the-art high quality research and collaboration work within the DSS community. Other aims of the EWG-DSS are to: - Encourage the exchange of information among practitioners, end-users, and researchers in the area of Decision Systems. - Enforce the networking among the DSS communities available and facilitate activities that are essential for the start-up of international cooperation research and projects. - Facilitate professional academic and industrial opportunities for its members. - Favour the development of innovative models, methods and tools in the field Decision Support and related areas. - Actively promote the interest on Decision Systems in the scientific community by organizing dedicated workshops, seminars, mini-conferences and conference streams in major conferences, as well as editing special and contributed issues in relevant scientific journals.
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