EWG-DSS DSS Stream at IFORS 2014 Barcelona

IFORS2014 DSS Stream Header

The 20th Conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies – IFORS-2014 has concluded and the EWG-DSS representatives were pleased to participate in @ifors2014, organize the DSS Stream, and meet group members and friends#ifors2014. For Special Issues and Springer book submissions, please do not hesitate in contacting the coordination board at ewg-dss@fccdp.com. See you in Belgrade 2015.

Conference Homepage: www.ifors2014.org.

The EWG-DSS DSS Stream within IFORS 2014 is allocated to Tuesday and Thursday, as listed below:

Tuesday, 15.07.2014, 16:00-17:30

TE-42: Applications in Decision Making & Decision Analysis
Stream: Decision Support Systems
Room: Room 215
Chair(s): Shaofeng Liu, Fatima Dargam


Thursday,17.07.2014, 8:30-10:00
HA-42: Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management & Decision Systems
Stream: Decision Support Systems
Room: Room 215
Chair(s): Ana Paula Costa, Fatima Dargam


HB-42: Integrated and Simulation-Based DSS Approaches
Stream: Decision Support Systems
Room: Room 215
Chair(s): Shaofeng Liu, Isabelle Linden


HD-42: Collaborative Decision Making (Social Networks & Web Resources)
Stream: Decision Support Systems
Room: Room 215
Chair(s): Fatima Dargam, Adiel Teixeira de Almeida


HE-42: Decision Analysis & Decision Making Approaches
Stream: Decision Support Systems
Room: Room 215
Chair(s): Shaofeng Liu, Isabelle Linden

The EWG-DSS planned Publications covering the DSS Stream within IFORS 2014 are the following:

Publications - DSS Stream


If you are attending the IFORS 2014 next week in Barcelona,
we hope to meet you at the DSS Stream!

Best Regards,
The EWG-DSS Coordinators


About ewgdss

The EWG-DSS is a Working Group on Decision Support Systems within EURO, the Association of the European Operational Research Societies. The main purpose of the EWG-DSS is to establish a platform for encouraging state-of-the-art high quality research and collaboration work within the DSS community. Other aims of the EWG-DSS are to: - Encourage the exchange of information among practitioners, end-users, and researchers in the area of Decision Systems. - Enforce the networking among the DSS communities available and facilitate activities that are essential for the start-up of international cooperation research and projects. - Facilitate professional academic and industrial opportunities for its members. - Favour the development of innovative models, methods and tools in the field Decision Support and related areas. - Actively promote the interest on Decision Systems in the scientific community by organizing dedicated workshops, seminars, mini-conferences and conference streams in major conferences, as well as editing special and contributed issues in relevant scientific journals.
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2 Responses to EWG-DSS DSS Stream at IFORS 2014 Barcelona

  1. ewgdss says:

    Dear José Jefferson Marques de Sousa,

    If you have presented your above cited paper in the EWG-DSS DSS Stream of the IFORS2014 and if your paper was one of the selected papers to be candidate in one of our dedicated issues, you have been directly contacted by one of the EWG-DSS Coordination Board Members.

    Otherwise, if you feel that the theme is adequate you can still send your paper as a submission to the Springer EWG-DSS LNBIP 2014 Open Call Issue (see details in https://ewgdss.wordpress.com/2014/09/05/ewg-dss-springer-lnbip-open-call-for-papers-2014/).

    Best regards,
    The EWG-DSS Coordinators

  2. José Jefferson Marques de sousa says:

    Buenas noche!

    Mi llamo José Jefferson
    Deseo recibir información sobre el proceso para publicar la gran obra que presenté na IFORS2014- Barcelona con el tema :Use of Contabilometria as a Decision Making in the Sector Accounting in VL Technology Company LTDA the Municipalities Princesa Isabel – PB
    email: marques.jefferson805@gmail.coml

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