EURO Mini-Conference Graz-2013

During the period of October 17th to 19th, 2013, the EWG-DSS will run the EURO Mini-Conference on “Collaborative Decision Systems in Economics and in Complex Societal and Environmental Applications”, in Graz, Austria, together with the EURO Working Groups E-CUBE, MCSP and ORAFM.

The EURO Mini Conference Graz-2013 has attracted the participation and the interest of many decision science professionals. It received a total of 44 research contributions, from which a selection is presented in 4 Streams. Additionally, it counts with 7 special talks, one sponsor invited talk and 3 web-seminars from sponsors and EC project funding platforms.


The Final Program of the EURO Mini-Conference Graz-2013 has already been placed available in the Conference Homepage for viewing and downloading via the link: EURO Mini-Conference Program.


The Digital Version of the Mini-Conference Proceedings is also available on the Mini-Conference Homepage: .

We are proud to co-organize this Mini-Conference and looking forwards to welcoming the participants at the University of Graz!

Best regards,
The EWG-DSS Coordinators


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