EWG-DSS 2011-Award Ceremony

The EWG-DSS had the pleasure to grant its first Award in a ceremony that took place during the EWG-DSS Liverpool Workshop, in April, 2012. The EWG-DSS 2011-Award was given to Pierre-Emmanuel Arduin, from LAMSADE Paris Dauphine University,  with the paper “From Knowledge Sharing to Collaborative Decision Making”, a joint work with Michel Grundstein and Camille Rosenthal-Sabroux.

The awarded paper was presented in the EWG-DSS London-2011 Workshop on Decision Systems. The slides used by Pierre-Emmanuel Arduin to present the paper in the London EWG-DSS Workshop can be seen here.

Photos of the EWG-DSS 2011-Award Ceremony:

(from right to left: Jorge HernándezFátima DargamPierre-Emmanuel Arduin ; Rita Ribeiro ; Pascale Zaraté  ; Shaofeng Liu  and Boris Delibasic – who did not attend the EWG-DSS Liverpool-2012 Workshop, due to his year of Visiting Scholarship in Temple University, USA)

Well done Pierre-Emmanuel !

The “EWG-DSS Award 2012″ can still be yours!

See details to participate here!


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