Paris, here we go!

The EWG-DSS is very pleased to announce that the EWG-DSS Stream on Collaborative Decision Making of the EWG-DSS / DASIG Paris-2011 Joint-Workshop, to be held on November 30th, 2011, has attracted the  participation and the interest of many  professionals of the decision-making research area.

The Workshop comprises two Streams. On Day 1 (Wednesday, Nov.30th, 2011), there is the EWG-DSS Stream on “Collaborative Decision Making (EWG-DSS_Stream Program), including 2 invited speakers presentations and 14 papers short presentations related to various aspects of Decision Making approaches. On Day 2 (Thursday,Dec.3oth, 2011), there is the Stream on “Policy Analyticsorganized by the DASIG Decision Analysis Special Interest Group from the British OR Society (DASIG Stream Program), including 9 presentations and 1 plenary discussion about the topic of Policy Analytics.

The special  talks of the EWG-DSS Stream on “Collaborative Decision Making will be presented by Denis Bouyssou , a Senior Researcher at the CNRS in Paris, about the topic:  “Should you believe in the Shanghai ranking ?”; and Sihem Amer-Yahia, Principal Research Scientist at Qatar Computing Research Center, who will speak about: “Social Analytics to Encourage Collaboration on the Social Web of News”.

We are extremely proud to be able to co-organize jointly with the DASIG and CNRS-LAMSADE  such an interesting event.

If you have not yet registered, we take this opportunity to remind you to make your Workshop Registration via: Thanks.

We are looking forwards to welcome you in University Paris-Dauphine!

Paris, get ready!  Here we go!

Best regards,
The EWG-DSS Coordinators

About ewgdss

The EWG-DSS is a Working Group on Decision Support Systems within EURO, the Association of the European Operational Research Societies. The main purpose of the EWG-DSS is to establish a platform for encouraging state-of-the-art high quality research and collaboration work within the DSS community. Other aims of the EWG-DSS are to: - Encourage the exchange of information among practitioners, end-users, and researchers in the area of Decision Systems. - Enforce the networking among the DSS communities available and facilitate activities that are essential for the start-up of international cooperation research and projects. - Facilitate professional academic and industrial opportunities for its members. - Favour the development of innovative models, methods and tools in the field Decision Support and related areas. - Actively promote the interest on Decision Systems in the scientific community by organizing dedicated workshops, seminars, mini-conferences and conference streams in major conferences, as well as editing special and contributed issues in relevant scientific journals.
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