Call for Contributions: EWG-DSS 2011-Newsletter

Dear EWG-DSS Members!

The EWG-DSS Coordination Board is currently working on the edition of the EWG-DSS 2011-Newsletter.  If you have any contribution to be included in it, please let us know.

Contributing to the EWG-DSS Newsletters:

Every member of the EWG-DSS is very welcome to contribute to the Newsletters.
Among others, subjects can be related to:

• Project Descriptions
• Recent Publications
• PhD Dissertations
• Book Presentations
• Book Reviews
• Research Group Presentations
• Research Perspectives
• Forthcoming Events
• Call for Papers
• Call for Participation
• General Announcements of the EWG-DSS Members
• General Announcements concerning related activities in other EURO Working Groups

All Newsletters pdf files can be downloaded from the EWG-DSS IRIT Server and the most recent ones can also be viewed and downloaded in the EWG-DSS SlideShare Account.

Contributions to the EWGDSS Newsletters should be sent to us either until September 25th, 2011 via email to <>  with the subject “EWG-DSS Newsletter”, or  via the EWG-DSS Blog in the form of a “Comment”.

Participate and contibute to the next edition of the EWG-DSS Newsletter! Make your research work and your announcements visible to our group members! It is certainly also for your own benefit!

The EWG-DSS Coordinators


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