Action Cost: “Decisions at the Internet Age”


The draft of this Action Cost Proposal can be downloaded here:
PDF File: Action Cost Proposal_EWGDSS

The EWG-DSS  is currently preparing a proposal of Action Cost devoted to “Decisions at the Internet Age”.

The main objectives of this Action Cost Project are the following :

(1) To specify and prototype a  Web-based Decision-making Platform, which can be used, tested and augmented both by decision making experts and by decision makers.

(2)  The final platform would be usable by all partners of the action cost and  its  developed modules could also be individually distributed to research centers and universities in Europe, for further use and development.

(3)  A side objective of this project is to establish a good basis for cooperation within the Decision-Making research community, so that the involved scientists are able to meet periodically and enforce their common research communication and collaboration skills in order  to develop together the specifications needed to implement the new decision-making collaborative tools within a  web-based platform.

At this stage and before finalizing the proposal we need to know who would be interested in joining this action cost project. If you are interested in participating in this Action Cost and contributing to the proposal, you simply have to reply to the three authors (Fatima Dargam, Rita Ribeiro and Pascale Zaraté) for agreement and alert your national Cost representatives in case you support the initiative before March 11th. Your suggestions and comments are also very welcome.  After this date we will finalize the proposal in order to reach a common  project.

We thank you for your collaboration and your support to this action.
Yours Sincerely,
Fatima Dargam
Rita Ribeiro
Pascale Zaraté


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